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The greatest inspirations often come in the most intimate, personal and sometimes even “by-chance” meetings with God. These moments have been the source where vocalist Claire Odogbo finds her songs.

And now those songs comprise her debut album, Walk With You. A cross between Contemporary Christian, Gospel and Urban Gospel, any genre labels are quickly overshadowed by the fact that the album is, at its heart, purely a praise and worship album. “More like high praise,” Claire clarifies.

Born to a father that is a lecturer in theatre arts, Claire’s family always supported her endeavors in the Christian music field. She got her start singing with church choirs at the age of eight, and has subsequently sang with numerous school choirs and other singing groups. With her musical tastes cloaked from an early age in Gospel, Soul and R&B music, Claire’s dedication to spreading the word of God through music was founded at the age of 12 when she came to know Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

As she continued to grow in her faith, it was in moments of deep intimacy with the Lord that Claire cherished the most. “Intimacy, in this sense, means to know God past the God phenomenon,” she says, “knowing Him as a person, that He is your father and lover and cares deeply about you. Having this knowledge brings a sense of peace and security that makes you confident to face tomorrow, no matter what it brings”. And it was in these moments that the desire to be an instrument of worship was born.

The songs on Walk With You are inspired by the comfort and security the Lord provides during the times of challenge. “Walk With You” is inspired by God’s comforting words during times of distress, while “Strength of My Life” was created out of God’s direct answers to Claire’s prayers while she recuperated from the delivery of her first child.

“I get into God’s presence by just sincerely telling him how much I love him,” she says, “and a song usually follows.” “You Will Reign,” for instance, came from as an outburst of praise Claire experienced during a long road trip. “I was in a bus passing by the country side with the tall trees and natural rock formations,” she says, “It was like an ‘awe moment,’ and that inspired the song—praising God for his awesome wonders.”

Spontaneous and personal as they may be, the songs on Walk With You are meant to bring God’s comfort to the hurting and troubled—to encourage and strengthen the weak. It is a record that reaches for the hearts all over the world that yearn for true worship; a record that acts as a compass that points people toward the Lord Jesus.

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