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Hey it's me, Solomon R. A little about myself, is I love music. All kinds of music. I perform different kinds of music ranging from Gospel, Jazz, Dance, Techno, House, Old School R&B and much more. I started playing around with my keyboard and middle school. Later, I started playing keyboard and drums. My two favorite instruments. What I love about keyboards is all the different sounds you can get with them. And all the different sounds you can create with them as well. I Love Smooth Jazz music and also music that makes you wanna dance. I'am also lead keyboard player for the Gospel Group "The Hedges And Highways Gospel Singers".

My only downfall is I can't sing lol. But I'm working on it. I became a broadcaster at for a couple of years. I enjoyed broadcasting there, and helping indie artists get exposure. Thanks for visiting my page. Don't forget to Check out my music in the links below. I also have a indie radio station for independent artist who want to promote there music below.

God Bless,
Solomon R

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