Jean Pierre Adjodi , from his full name, known as JP has started writing since he was a kid. He wrote his first song at age 7, and ever since never stopped. He was born and raised in Togo, his country of origin in West Africa, in a Christian family his entire life. From being a Christian almost all his life, JP always loved Jesus Christ and valued the Word of God. In 2011, he landed in USA-Texas where he currently resides in the city of Arlington. At the end of that same year, strongly convicted and led by the Holy Spirit, he totally dedicated his music to the glory of God and to the advancement of the Kingdom of God on this earth ever since. Two years later, in 2013, the Lord gave him the idea of creating a platform called ' PSALMS DOWNLOAD' where he would be sharing all the songs the Holy Spirit has been given him since 2011 with the people of God. PSALMS DOWNLOAD was born then by end 2013 and basically is the universe of JP's music received from Heaven. PSALMS DOWNLOAD responds to the psalmist calling on his life. Vist Website

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