Bobby Porter

My Biography At the age of eight, I was singing, writing, and composing my own songs. When I was sixteen, I received a guitar from my grandmother as a gift. I couldn't play it at all! A few months later, some guys moved into the neighborhood and that's when I started to play, they were all members of a small band. They took the time to show me how to play and eventually I Learned and performed as their bass guitarist. I am a musician that can play "by ear ". I have also developed many other musical talents over the years. As a result, I can play the drums, piano, and keyboard. I'am a composer, arranger, songwriter, vocalist, and jazz guitarist. My years of experience also include that of a featured guitarist for many, many, years. My musical influencers that had an impact on me are: Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Santana, Mary Wells, to name a few; there are many, many more that shape the way I play, sing, and compose my music.

That's my story, Bobby Porter

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