Music Industry Resources

Music Link Exchange - Music Industry Resources. Independent Music Distribution and Promotion, non-exclusive, forever. - WHERE INDEPENDENT MUSICIANS CAN SELL MUSIC WITHOUT SELLING OUT.

Songwriter - Free music video blog featuring songwriters that do acoustic rock music videos, original music, cover songs, and music reviews. Major and indie music covers and originals.

Jewish Wedding Music - Nefesh Music provides professional Jewish Orchestra and Jewish wedding music band for any special event.

world music service

Stress Relief Tools - We provide you with variety of stress relief tools including music and shapes for stress relief

Musicians Resources - Music nomad is a comprehensive network for musicians and music business professionals. Here all musicians can receive support and access to thousands of resources to help them navigate the challenges and maximize the opportunities available to them within the music industry.

Electric Bass Guitars - Looking for a great deal on Electric Guitars? Come and browse through our wide selection of electric guitars from brands like Fender, Jackson & ESP and many more here at

Website for Musicians - is a free social networking website for R&B Rappers, Rap Music Singers & Hip Hope Producers that allows you to play your music, make friends, meet people and share pictures online.

Nature Music CD - Our excellent selection of nature music CD and MP3 contain the perfect balance of peaceful music and calming sounds of nature that will help you to create a peaceful getaway.

Ministerial Awards & Magazine - Ministerial Awards & Magazine, Honors The Men & Women of God.

Modern Dance Classes - Rhythm of Soul is India's leading dance institute for childrens & grownups.

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